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The services provided by Veritus were extremely valuable for me. Identifying the areas I was struggling with in my job search helped me gain confidence and sharpen my skills as a job candidate.



Veritus Disability & Career Management Inc. is committed to providing professional, reliable and innovative career management services to people at every stage of their working lives.

Who would benefit?

  • Secondary students trying to identify a career direction
  • Post-secondary students and recent graduates seeking to assess their next steps
  • Individuals seeking a career change due to company restructuring or personal illness, injury, accident, workplace or job dissatisfaction
  • Retirees exploring continued meaningful engagement in the world of employment

We offer individuals one-to-one assistance, customized to each person's needs. Clients will be provided with compassionate and practical support during what can otherwise feel like an overwhelming and challenging time.

With many tools available, our career management team works with individuals through self-discovery and exploration processes, which may include personality and assessments, aptitude testing, volunteer placement coordination or retirement planning in order to facilitate informed career decision making. After defining career goals, we will provide assistance in developing and implementing measurable next steps towards career goals, whether that includes further training or a focused job search.

Available exclusively to our clients is our comprehensive step-by-step guide to job search "Finding Your Way". It contains valuable assessment tools, strategic tips, and expert advice on how to excel in every aspect of their job search in today's evolving career marketplace. This guide is for our clients to keep and use over and over again, whenever they find themselves in job search.