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The services provided by Veritus were extremely valuable for me. Identifying the areas I was struggling with in my job search helped me gain confidence and sharpen my skills as a job candidate.


Career Exploration

Believing that everyone deserves to find work that is meaningful to them and a good fit with their individual skills, interests and values, we at Veritus work with our clients to identify and explore their career options.

Whether it's a student identifying their career goals for the first time or a person at any stage of their working life seeking a career change, our goal is to guide our clients through self-discovery and exploration, leading to informed decision making. Individuals will be supported through the self-discovery process using the principles of Motivational Interviewing to help build confidence in what can at times feel like an overwhelming task.

A variety of personal assessment tools will be utilized for individuals to learn about their unique personality and work profile. Individuals will then develop a list of potential career options which could also include entrepreneurship or retirement. We will then provide assistance in developing a SMART action plan towards their career goals, whether that includes educational pursuits or job search skill development.