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The services provided by Veritus were extremely valuable for me. Identifying the areas I was struggling with in my job search helped me gain confidence and sharpen my skills as a job candidate.


Personality & Interest Assessments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the most widely recognized personality assessment tool in the world. Knowing one's personality type, as measured through the MBTI® instrument, can help with career planning at every stage: from choices of subjects and majors in school to choosing first careers, to advancing within organizations or even changing careers later in life. Utilizing the understanding of interpersonal dynamics as derived from the MBTI® instrument, it is the leading choice of businesses — including most of the Fortune 500 — for developing a high-performance workforce.

Personality Dimensions Personality Dimensions® is about understanding yourself and others so you can be more effective in your relationships, your work and your life. The Personality Dimensions® system utilizes a convenient card sort and short questionnaire to reveal your temperament preference. In addition to being the first Temperament assessment to incorporate the Introversion/Extraversion dichotomy, Personality Dimensions® also uses four colours along with short descriptors and symbols to represent the Temperament preferences: Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Authentic Blue, Resourceful Orange. These combined aspects create a common language of understanding of yourself and others.

Strong Interest Inventory Strong Interest Inventory® The world's most trusted and widely used career planning tool, the Strong Interest Inventory®, continues to be the leading choice for career practitioners in helping people in their search for rich and fulfilling careers. The Strong measures a client's interest in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. The questionnaire compares how these interests are similar to the interests of people successfully employed in those occupations. It is used to help people understand their work interests and to illustrate the kinds of work in which they might be most satisfied.

True Colors True Colors® is a personality preference inventory that uses four colors – Green, Gold, Blue and Orange, as a metaphor for understanding human characteristics. By completing this preference inventory individuals will learn about their color spectrum, which will help individuals understand their personal values, strengths, learning styles, needs, motivations and behaviors. In addition, this assessment will suggest suitable career options that align with individuals' color spectrum results. It also helps individuals develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the unique strengths and preferences of others for improved employee satisfaction, engagement and workplace communication.