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Short Term Disability Management

We provide Short Term Disability Management services to assist in managing workplace absences which have occurred due to illness or injury, with the goal of assisting an individual return to work safely and sustainably, while minimizing work absence duration.

As part of our short term disability management services, our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including the individual, their insurer, employer and health care treatment providers to identify and address barriers to return to work. This includes assessing, identifying and coordinating appropriate medical treatments and rehabilitation interventions in order to move an individual forward in their recovery progress, and ultimately toward a safe return to work.

Once an individual is ready to return to their occupational activities, we can assist by developing and implementing a return to work plan. During this plan, the individual's progress is monitored and any issues that arise are addressed and resolved to ensure that their return to work is as seamless as possible.