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Veritus did a number of assessments for me that were very accurate which helped confirm my personality, interests and career fit. It's only been a few weeks but I've already been able to act more decisively in my current job and am building a longer term plan to capitalize on my strengths.

Workforce Transition

When businesses undergo significant organizational change including company closures, offshoring, outsourcing, lay-offs or downsizing, employees may require assistance in making unexpected career decisions. A Veritus career management team member will provide one-to-one outplacement services, which will be customized to suit the needs of individuals at all organizational levels.

Our goal is to support individuals through this emotional transition and their job loss grief, moving them into hope and action as quickly as possible. Initially we work with individuals to explore their career options so that they can make informed decisions. We'll coach them to create clearly defined, measurable next steps towards these career goals. This might entail implementing an effective job search campaign or, when appropriate, exploring further training.