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Veritus did a number of assessments for me that were very accurate which helped confirm my personality, interests and career fit. It's only been a few weeks but I've already been able to act more decisively in my current job and am building a longer term plan to capitalize on my strengths.


At Veritus, we believe that the value of work is not only of economic importance but also a valuable contributor to a person's identity and sense of self worth. We pride ourselves in the value we place on people and on their desire to be productive members of their communities. To that end, we work diligently to assist people in developing their individual goals to secure meaningful work.

Career Exploration
If everyone is a genius in the right context, then good career planning is a matter of helping people identify what their unique brand of genius is and then exploring the occupational context where they can shine.

At Veritus we have a number of highly valued assessment tools available (such as MBTI®, Personality Dimensions®, Strong Interest Inventory®, True Colors®, and GATB) to help people identify their individual combination of skills, interests, aptitudes, values and personality preferences. Helping people to answer questions such as: "How do you like to learn, work and communicate with others?", "What type of work appeals to you?". From there we can identify occupations that provide the best fit, set SMART goals and create specific action plans to achieve them.

Employment Services
Effective job search skills are the key to securing meaningful employment. We help people promote themselves to potential employers, by clearly communicating why they should "look no further, I'm your ideal candidate!". Quality job search skills include: well-crafted targeted resumes and cover letters, compelling interviews, accessing the "hidden job market" to get a jump on the competition, and building strong professional networks. Our highly skilled and experienced staff are excellent guides through the process.

Staff Development
In an ever changing and highly competitive business environment, developing a high-performance workforce is an important key for success. Using the MBTI® assessment as a means of describing personality and work styles, we can deliver customized staff development workshops and services focused on team development and understanding differences in the workplace. Understanding personalities in an organization assists with goals such as: managing others, development of leadership skills, conflict resolution, team building, executive coaching and change management.

Workforce Transition
When businesses undergo significant organizational change including company closures, lay-offs or downsizing, employees may require assistance in making career decisions. Veritus will provide one-to-one outplacement services, which will be customized to individuals' needs at all organizational levels.