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Disability Management
At Veritus, we are committed to transitioning employees back to work in a timely and supportive manner following sickness or absences that have resulted from injury, illness or disability. Our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants are experts at building customized return to work programs, tailored to the company and employee's specific requirements, while lowering costs and reducing the impact of absenteeism within organizations. Further, should an employee be unable to return to their own occupation, our experienced disability management team performs assessments to identify alternate return to work options for a seamless re-entry into the workplace.

Career Management Services
Veritus will work with employers wishing to build capacity and leverage their employees for growth within their organization. Our career management team will assist these employees with writing targeted cover letters and resumes communicating their unique qualifications for the role being sought. Additionally, we offer interview coaching to help employees feel confident and able to effectively describe their competencies, skills and accomplishments as they relate to a particular job objective.

Beyond this, a member of our career management team will provide work transition services for organizations that undergo significant organizational change including company closures, offshoring, outsourcing, lay-offs or downsizing. This can be conducted either on an individual basis or a member of our team can provide onsite support. These outplacement services will be customized to suit the needs of individuals at all organizational levels.