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PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program)

The Progressive Goal Attainment Program, or PGAPā„¢, is a standardized rehabilitation program of up to 10 weeks in duration. PGAP focuses on the re-integration of individuals into their life role activities, which are frequently disrupted following the onset of disability. The primary objective of PGAP is assist the individual toward a resumption of occupational activities by targeting and reducing psychosocial barriers (fear of symptom exacerbation, catastrophic thinking, perceived injustice and disability beliefs), which are known to impede the rehabilitation process.

An initial assessment is first conducted to determine if PGAP is an appropriate intervention for an individual. Once suitability of the program is established, the initial stages of PGAP focus on developing a structured activity schedule to assist the individual in resuming activities that have been negatively impacted by injury or illness. Activity goals are established in order to promote resumption of family, social and occupational roles. Toward the end of the program, the intervention focuses on activities that will facilitate re-integration into the workplace.