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Career Exploration

Whether an individual is identifying their career goals for the first time or seeking a career change, our goal is to help them develop awareness through self-discovery and exploration processes for informed career decision making. Individuals will be guided through self-discovery using the principles of Motivational Interviewing to support them during emotional transitions and potentially job loss grief. A variety of personal assessment tools will be utilized for individuals to learn about their values, transferable skills, interests, preferences, strengths and financial needs. Following this, an Employment Specialist will assist individuals in developing a list of potential career options that align with their personal assessment results, which could also include consideration of alternate career options including entrepreneurship or retirement.

To thoroughly explore options, individuals will be educated and provided with assistance on researching potential options through informational interviews, job shadows, volunteer placements and relevant career websites. As a culmination of this self-discovery and exploration process, individuals will evaluate and decide on the career option which is the best match for personal and professional success. They will be provided assistance in developing and implementing measurable next steps towards career goals, whether that includes educational pursuits or job search skill development.