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Veritus did a number of assessments for me that were very accurate which helped confirm my personality, interests and career fit. It's only been a few weeks but I've already been able to act more decisively in my current job and am building a longer term plan to capitalize on my strengths.

Staff Development Workshops

Understanding differences in personality and work styles in the workplace using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® the world's most widely used personality assessment tool, will transform your organization to gain a sustainable advantage. MBTI® workshops can be customized to address many of the challenges of the current rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment:

Leadership Development
Invest in your people. With our assessments as the foundation for management training and development, your people gain a vital aid to understanding and enhancing their leadership style.

Individual Training
Get the best from your people. By boosting their self-awareness, you'll enable your employees to make better decisions and be more productive. They'll become more engaged with their career and improve their interpersonal relationships both at work and at home.

Team Building
Create high-performing teams. With a better understanding of themselves and the people they work with, employees develop greater respect for and appreciation of one another. Understanding mitigates conflict!

Culture Development & Employee Retention
A vibrant culture is your best recruiting tool. It draws new talent, retains current employees, inspires teams' achievement, and enhances business performance. Improve communication, develop effective leadership, and elevate group dynamics, driving people to commit to and succeed in your organization.

Adept and Engaging Facilitation
Our MBTI® certified facilitators have years of experience presenting workshops that are fun, engaging and full of learning and personal growth!

Leave Behinds
Each participant will be given tools and resources to continue to use after the workshop for ongoing development and growth.