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Interest and Aptitude Testing

True Colors is a personality preference inventory that uses four colors – Green, Gold, Blue and Orange, as a metaphor for understanding human characteristics. By completing this preference inventory individuals will learn about their color spectrum, which will help individuals understand their personal values, strengths, learning styles, needs, motivations and behaviors. In addition, this assessment will suggest suitable career options that align with individuals’ color spectrum results. It also helps individuals develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the unique strengths and preferences of others for improved employee satisfaction, engagement and workplace communication.

The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) is an occupationally-oriented multiple-aptitude test used extensively across Canada in vocational counselling, rehabilitation and occupational selection settings. An Employment Specialist will administer GATB, which will involve assessing individuals using twelve separate tests (eight pencil and paper tests, and four apparatus tests) to determine nine distinct aptitudes scores. After completion, an individuals’ occupational aptitudes profile can be used by an individual or organization to determine appropriate occupational / career choices and training paths. The GATB results can also be used to increase individuals’ opportunity for success and job satisfaction.